Dzanda Consulting and Events (Pty) Ltd is a management consulting and events company established in June 2017 company registration 2017/257760/07. The company is 100% black female owned (level 1 BBBEE contributor) and based in Johannesburg. Site 66 in Gondeni-Sterkstroom is adjacent to Punda Maria Road to the Kruger National Park Mhinga Gate on the Limpopo side of the park. Our site 4000 sqm and earmarked for a cultural centre and venue hire for various events to be launched in 2019.

The Story Behind Dzanda

Dzanda la khuni is a Tshivenda language phrase which refers to a collection of firewood that is gathered, sorted, packed and securely tied with a rope by women whether for carrying on a head or on the back, a common practice in some rural parts of the African continent. We use dzanda to represent one of our company’s values – collaboration. The culmination of dzanda entails understanding one’s environment- nature, the trees that burn the best and which ones to avoid for cooking and gathering deadwood that is enough for whatever the occasion may be that firewood is required for. We acknowledge and recognise that the products and services in the cultural and creative industries whether crafts, music, film, books, fashion etc are seldom about one person working on their work. The final products have other creative input from the time an idea is developed, produced packaged and consumed in the market.

Our Vision
To provide our clients with innovative, sustainable and culture sensitive solutions and services

Our Mission
To champion for a socially and economically inclusive cultural and creative economy

Our Values
Professionalism, Creativity, Integrity and Collaboration